Prism Lenses

Prism lenses have a unique design to remedy diplopia, or double vision. Our experienced lens makers have mastered multiple ways to manufacture lenses up to 14 degrees of prism. AND we can fit them into most any frame to match your style! By contrast, many other optical shops struggle to make a lens with more than 7 degrees of prism.

While there are stick-on Fresnel prism film solutions available on the market, anyone who has used those will tell you about the cleaning hassles, disappointing cosmetic appearance, poor performance, and near impossibility of night driving.

Lately we have been making the high prism lenses in a single vision form and adding a Chemistrie (magnetic) clip on for wide bifocal reading power. This results in a reduction in cost and vast improvement in results. Now, you can have the best of both worlds – wide clear vision at all distances.

If you need prism lenses and you want to look great, see well, and get back to your life, give us a call or stop in at Fluegge Optical. We will help get you there!