COVID Protection Eyewear

No matter the kind of medical practice, if you are patient-facing, you need to do everything you can to keep yourself protected from blood-borne and fluid-borne diseases.

The 7-Eye Ziena Eyewear has been around longer than COVID-19 and Fluegge Optical is the only dealer in Wisconsin. They are an excellent product but for them to work as they should, they have to be fitted properly. We stock all their models so we can guarantee the fit.  Trying to buy these online (just like windless eyewear) is always a mistake. You can’t get the proper fit and seal by looking at a picture.  On a daily basis we have people stop because they have made a purchasing mistake online and don’t get the results they wanted or needed.  We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Whether it is nursing staff, surgical services, dentists/dental hygienists-assistants or corneal transplant recipient and more, your success is our concern.