Unique Fits

There are no limits on what we can do for you to deliver exactly what you need or want. You will never hear “we can’t get it” or “we can’t do it” from our mouths.

Sometimes people have different physical needs and have specific fitting needs such as small children, petite frames, or large frames. People may require long or short temples in order to fit comfortably and not have their glasses constantly sliding down their nose. We can modify the frame you like for a fit you’ll love.

There’s nothing worse than having a pair of glasses that is too snug so it squeezes your head all day long. We carry a wide selection of styles for those of you who require a big frame to properly fit your face.

We haven’t forgotten about our customers looking for a more petite style. In addition to our regular frame inventory, we carry sunglasses and wrap around frames in smaller sizes for just the right look and just the right fit.

All kids are special. Some have special needs

We are proud of the fact that we carry an extensive array of colorful and exciting children’s frames such as, LaFont and JF Rey. These aren’t frames you find in chain stores, but you will see their looks on the Jr runway. Maybe it is a little Ray Ban that you want for your son or a bedazzled jewel frame for your little girl. We are certain to give them photo fresh looks.

For those “special needs” kids, we have in stock the Mira-Flex frame line from France Comfortable, tough and for those “tikers” that have special fitting requirements, including preemies, this line can fit just right. Available in a wide array of colors.

We are here to help you get the fit you need and always hoped for. No extra costs.
Just a little extra time is all we need with you to achieve the right results.