Polarized Glass Lenses

Polarized glass lenses provide the highest optical quality and anti-glare performance with amazing durability.  We are one of the last places in America that makes them!

When you’re looking for the highest optical quality lens, with the best anti-glare performance, we have your solution: polarized glass lenses. Fluegge Optical is one of the only shops left in the country with the experience, skill, and ability to custom-produce your prescription in polarized glass and fit them to your frame!

We maintain an inventory of grey and brown polarized glass in single vision, flat top 28 bifocals, and progressive power (no-line) lens stock in-hand, ready to turn your order around quickly.

Why Polarized Glass Lenses?

The benefits of polarized lenses are undeniable. Polarized optics reduce glare without sacrificing clarity better than any other tinting technique. Polarized lenses are oriented to allow vertical light waves to pass through and virtually eliminate the harsh horizontal light waves from passing through to your eyes. This is why they reduce eye strain, eliminate glare and maintain sharp detail focus. Those are also reasons why construction workers, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts and drivers love them.

The benefits of glass lenses are also undeniable. They are far and away the most durable optics available. They can withstand harsh environments, such as agriculture, construction, painting, and manufacturing, when you don’t always have access to water to clean your lenses.

Fast Turnaround

Our experienced staff knows that when you need durable sunglasses that can protect your eyes from harsh glare and stand up to dirt, grit, and grime, you’re going to love our polarized glass lenses. We also know you’re going to want them quickly. In most cases, we can turn your order out in just a couple days. We ship polarized glass sunglasses anywhere in the US, and even internationally.

Despite the fact that glass lenses are the highest standard in optical quality and polarized lenses offer superior performance, the rest of the optical industry has gone away from polarized glass lenses. But you can still get them from Fluegge Optical. Call us today (262-534-6090) and ask for Dale Fluegge to get your order started!

Want to learn more about polarized lenses? This article by the American Academy of Ophthalmology does a good job explaining them: https://www.aao.org/eye-health/glasses-contacts/polarized-lenses