Prescription Motorcycle Eyewear

We show you all the options that CAN be done, not tell you that your prescription can’t be produced.

We haven’t turned anyone down yet!

We have a very large selection of the windless “dry eye” frames, as well as wrap-around frames most commonly sought after to block radial light and wind.

We also go out of our way to find manufacturers with petite fits for female riders.

There is no other provider that you could go to that can make prescription wrap lenses that are interchangeable like the popular Oakley Flak- Jacket, Rudy Projects, 7 Eye (formerly Pan-Optix), and Liberty Sports to name a few. We use cutting-edge digital equipment to produce our lenses, which provides a much greater and expanded prescription range than anyone else…guaranteed, with completed examples on hand to show you. We are sure you’ll be very impressed.