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5on Google,Mar 01, 2024


I'm Steve, but this review was written by my wife: I live in New York State and was having a tough time getting what I needed: one pair of executive bifocals so that I could see my knitting (on my lap) and a movie about ten feet away. All the opticians here have multiple lab options, but no one had labs that made executive bifocals anymore. I tried one highly regarded shop here first, which ultimately told me that they couldn't make them, and then went to another shop (Pearle Vision) which said that their lab did make them, then paid for and waited for -- and finally got -- glasses that were not the executive bifocals that had been ordered/promised. In that case, we took the glasses back and found out finally that the executive bifocals we had ordered and had been promised were not possible after all. We felt like Pearle Vision had tried to pull a fast one after telling us we didn't need to come in for a fitting and then giving us glasses that were not true executive bifocals. When told that we would look elsewhere, the rep at Pearle Vision wished us good luck and let us know that she had called all of the labs that they knew to call, and that none of them could make the executive bifocals. After getting our money back from Pearle Vision, my husband went online for me the same afternoon to search for a way to get executive bifocals, and thanks to Google, he immediately found Fluegge Optical in Waterford, Wisconsin, an optical shop which specifically advertises executive bifocals on their website and has the lab machinery in-house, enabling them to make whatever glasses you need. When I first called, I was surprised to find myself speaking with Dale Fluegge, the man in charge of the store. He was kind, assuring, and he guaranteed being able to make what I needed. Not only that, but the list of designer frames there was extensive, so we decided to take a chance. Dale asked that I scan my eye exam prescription, send that to him, and after I refused to also send him a pair of my favorite glasses, he told me that maybe my husband could take some up-close photos of me wearing three pairs of my favorite glasses and e-mail them to him along with the prescription instead. Regarding the request to see photos of me wearing glasses, he wanted to see what kind of frames I liked as well as the shape of my face in order to help choose some good frames for me. He found that I am wide at the temples, and he chose tortoise shell Dolce & Gabbana frames -- which was ideal! The frames fit me perfectly and looked wonderful! I was charged $140 for the frames, another $20 for the anti-reflective coating, $200 for the lenses and $15 for shipping. Not only that, but I did not have to wait two weeks for those glasses (as was the case with the local optician shops here). No, with Fluegge Optical, I had my new glasses in my hands within a few days -- and that was even with a small delay at their end NOW HERE'S THE REAL KICKER! I did not have to pay for the glasses before I received them (something I have had to do in every other optical shop I've ever done business anywhere). When I asked him if he wanted payment prior to shipment, Dale told me that I was not to make any payment until the glasses were in my possession, on my face, and my face was smiling! I was astounded. The bottom line is that I am now able to knit and watch a movie at the same time, thanks to Dale. The glasses are great, the prescription match is perfect, everything is exactly what I wanted, and they were made and delivered with a level of proactive service quality unmatched by any other optical shop I have ever used. If you happen to be in a state other than Wisconsin like I am, and you need a pair of executive bifocals (or maybe any other pair of glasses), I highly recommend Fluegge Optical in Waterford, Wisconsin. They are online, have an informative website, you can easily contact them by phone with your needs and concerns, and they'll take very good care of you.

5on Google,Feb 24, 2024


Best place for glasses......they take the time to do it right!!! We won't go anywhere else!!!!

5on Google,Feb 22, 2024


This place is great I had my Glasses in one day ,Dale the owner is very easy to work with i highly recommend Flugge if you are a serious shooter

5on Google,Feb 18, 2024


My experience with Dale at Fluegge Optical has been nothing short of outstanding, across the entire continent of North America. Been wearing eyeglasses for about three quarters of a century, and I know what need and want. Extremely near sighted and sought multiple focal length, glass lenses. I am pretty good on internet searching, but i could not locate an optical service that would even discuss my need. When I was almost at the end of my wits, I sent Fluegge an email, and forgot about it. Dale contacted me, we extensively discussed my need, and he indicated they could update my glasses. Sent them out via USPS on a Monday. By Saturday next, my rejuvenated glasses were back in my mail, and on my head, AND I COULD REALLY SEE AGAIN ! Even more, the price was right. Thank you Dale, and all the fine folks at Fluegge Optical. All my best !

5on Google,Feb 16, 2024


Fluegge is The Best ! I had an issue Cheryl & Dale were so quick to fix it “ it’s so nice to see a business who truly cares about the customer! They went above and beyond I’m so thankful “ The selection here is one you can’t find anywhere. The craftsmanship is top notch & turn over time is wonderful! I can’t say enough about this place except you won’t be sorry ! I’m a Very Happy customer and will never go elsewhere

4on Google,Feb 04, 2024


Great customer service and want you to be 100% satisfied.

5on Google,Feb 01, 2024


They’re always very kind and caring and take the time to make sure that my glasses are right. I have a strong prescription, but they make sure the flu that I receive are not super thick and heavy. I appreciate that!

5on Google,Jan 16, 2024


LensCrafters could not do it, Shopko could not do it, Walmart could not do it, Eye Boutique could not do it, Visionworks could not do it, but DALE FLUEGGE at Fluegge Optical did it. And he did it in a heartbeat, no fuss no muss. He the man ! What did Dale Fluegge at Fledge optical do, you ask? He put really weird prescription lenses into my existing Aviator frames. Everybody else was a solid "no can do, Captain". And this with me buying their frames and they still could not do it. But Dale Fluegge did it, first time out, HEY BASTA ! They don't do eye exams, they are a lab, but get your prescription and hop on over. Fabulous. Tell 'em Val sent ya !

5on Google,Jan 05, 2024


Long way to drive from MKE but worth every mile. Unique for a knowledgeable & professional staff and the lenses are made on site. Great frame selection, very fast completion of low vision glasses even during the Christmas holiday. I will be back for my own pair now that my mother’s are in hand.

5on Google,Dec 30, 2023


I was referred to Fluegge Optical by my optometrist to fill my rather complicated prescription to obtain better vision correction than I’d received from the large chain store I previously used. She said there are very few high quality lens specialists left. It was well worth the drive from Waukesha! The selection of frames was wonderful, and the staff was congenial, knowledgeable and helpful. Then yesterday when I called to see if Fluegge could mail me a replacement for the magnetic sunglass attachment I had lost, the owner said they would be in the mail to me immediately and wouldn’t even take my credit card number upfront. The stellar service at Fluegge Optical was a very pleasant shock and I highly recommend them.

5on Google,Dec 26, 2023


The workmen ship is top notch ! The customer service always makes sure I’m happy with the shape ,The shade ect & if I’m not “back into the room to cut color ect ! I will not go anywhere else ! Did I mention the selection of glass frames !!! Excellent choice and brand name too

5on Google,Dec 21, 2023


We've been coming here for years but recently moved out of town. We needed some adjustments to a recently bent set of glasses and updated the lenses with a newer prescription on a short timeline while in town. They did not disappoint as usual, and got the lenses made and replace within our time in town. Excellent service from folks that know what they're doing. While we're a few hours away now, we still plan to have our glasses made here.

5on Google,Nov 07, 2023


First time going to Fluegge Optical and was very impressed and satisfied. Excellent customer service, quick turnaround time to receive my glasses and attention to detail was meticulous. It’s where I will go from now on for all my eye wear needs!