Executive Bifocals

People who have had executive bifocals love them! While the industry has moved away from them in favor of smaller bifocal elements or invisible progressive lenses, we continue to produce executive bifocal lenses in house for those who want them.

We now have a limited amount of Executive Trifocals available too!

Executive bifocal lenses, sometimes called Ben Franklin lenses, are full-width bifocals, which gives the wearer a larger reading field of view.
Executive lenses are also ideal for patients with macular degeneration. Many find them to be the best for getting the most for reading!

Often times the executive bifocals are being under utilized for reading lenses for individuals with AMD ( macular degeneration). Because of the complete spherical front surface for both distance and near, these lenses give those with a loss of central vision a much greater chance of being able to read and potentially a clearer awareness of their distance surroundings. Extra weight in the lens is a minor trade off.

And the great news is that we can make these lenses with bifocals power up to +3.5!

Also, please keep in mind that these executive lenses are the perfect choice for computer operators that have multiple screens to the left and right with unlimited perfect vision when power is adjusted to the needed working distance. A job that cheaters don’t do well.
Also, we have an inventory of glass executive bifocals in clear and some photo-grey. These lenses have not been available industry-wide for over 25 years!  Please check on availability.
Close-up view of bifocals
Dale holding up a bifocal lens


5 stars on Google, Mar 21, 2024


Fluegge Optical has the best customer service I have ever experienced when buying glasses and multi optical lenses. Dale has the knowledge when recommending lenses to macular degeration sufferers, and those needing executive bifocals. Fluegge Optical supplied lenses with executive bifocals even though all other eyewear outlets, and the labs they use, said executive bifocals were no longer available worldwide. I personally called these labs, and well known eyewear outlets, and was told exec bifocals are impossible to get. I was so happy to find Fluegge Optical I bought four sets of lenses, which they put into my existing frames. These lenses were made perfectly, a hard task when considering the different prisms and coatings I need for my compromised vision. Dale also recommended a magnetic clip-on glare reducer to help me with night vision driving. I drove two hours for the help Fluegge Optical could give me and I would drive even twice as far because these lenses give me the clearest vision I have had in over fifteen years. Thanks Dale. John Gaidosh

5 stars on Google, Mar 01, 2024


I’m Steve, but this review was written by my wife: I live in New York State and was having a tough time getting what I needed: one pair of executive bifocals so that I could see my knitting (on my lap) and a movie about ten feet away.

All the opticians here have multiple lab options, but no one had labs that made executive bifocals anymore. I tried one highly regarded shop here first, which ultimately told me that they couldn’t make them, and then went to another shop (Pearle Vision) which said that their lab did make them, then paid for and waited for — and finally got — glasses that were not the executive bifocals that had been ordered/promised. In that case, we took the glasses back and found out finally that the executive bifocals we had ordered and had been promised were not possible after all. We felt like Pearle Vision had tried to pull a fast one after telling us we didn’t need to come in for a fitting and then giving us glasses that were not true executive bifocals. When told that we would look elsewhere, the rep at Pearle Vision wished us good luck and let us know that she had called all of the labs that they knew to call, and that none of them could make the executive bifocals.

After getting our money back from Pearle Vision, my husband went online for me the same afternoon to search for a way to get executive bifocals, and thanks to Google, he immediately found Fluegge Optical in Waterford, Wisconsin, an optical shop which specifically advertises executive bifocals on their website and has the lab machinery in-house, enabling them to make whatever glasses you need. When I first called, I was surprised to find myself speaking with Dale Fluegge, the man in charge of the store. He was kind, assuring, and he guaranteed being able to make what I needed. Not only that, but the list of designer frames there was extensive, so we decided to take a chance.

Dale asked that I scan my eye exam prescription, send that to him, and after I refused to also send him a pair of my favorite glasses, he told me that maybe my husband could take some up-close photos of me wearing three pairs of my favorite glasses and e-mail them to him along with the prescription instead. Regarding the request to see photos of me wearing glasses, he wanted to see what kind of frames I liked as well as the shape of my face in order to help choose some good frames for me. He found that I am wide at the temples, and he chose tortoise shell Dolce & Gabbana frames — which was ideal! The frames fit me perfectly and looked wonderful! I was charged $140 for the frames, another $20 for the anti-reflective coating, $200 for the lenses and $15 for shipping. Not only that, but I did not have to wait two weeks for those glasses (as was the case with the local optician shops here). No, with Fluegge Optical, I had my new glasses in my hands within a few days — and that was even with a small delay at their end NOW HERE’S THE REAL KICKER! I did not have to pay for the glasses before I received them (something I have had to do in every other optical shop I’ve ever done business anywhere). When I asked him if he wanted payment prior to shipment, Dale told me that I was not to make any payment until the glasses were in my possession, on my face, and my face was smiling! I was astounded.

The bottom line is that I am now able to knit and watch a movie at the same time, thanks to Dale. The glasses are great, the prescription match is perfect, everything is exactly what I wanted, and they were made and delivered with a level of proactive service quality unmatched by any other optical shop I have ever used. If you happen to be in a state other than Wisconsin like I am, and you need a pair of executive bifocals (or maybe any other pair of glasses), I highly recommend Fluegge Optical in Waterford, Wisconsin. They are online, have an informative website, you can easily contact them by phone with your needs and concerns, and they’ll take very good care of you.

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