Executive Bifocals

People who have had executive bifocals love them! While the industry has moved away from them in favor of smaller bifocal elements or invisible progressive lenses, we continue to produce executive bifocal lenses in house for those who want them.

Executive bifocal lenses, sometimes called Ben Franklin lenses, are full-width bifocals, which gives the wearer a larger reading field of view.
Executive lenses are also ideal for patients with macular degeneration. Many find them to be the best for getting the most for reading!

Often times the executive bifocals are being under utilized for reading lenses for individuals with AMD ( macular degeneration). Because of the complete spherical front surface for both distance and near, these lenses give those with a loss of central vision a much greater chance of being able to read and potentially a clearer awareness of their distance surroundings. Extra weight in the lens is a minor trade off.

And the great news is that we can make these lenses with bifocals power up to +3.5!

Also, please keep in mind that these executive lenses are the perfect choice for computer operators that have multiple screens to the left and right with unlimited perfect vision when power is adjusted to the needed working distance. A job that cheaters don’t do well.
Also, we have an inventory of glass executive bifocals in clear and some photo-grey. These lenses have not been available industry-wide for over 25 years!  Please check on availability.
Close-up view of bifocals
Dale holding up a bifocal lens